About Us

Hi friends, my name is Hitendra Pushkar and I’m a software developer. I have developed PHP Blog Spot platform for PHP developers. In this platform I have got blog to other blog sites and paste on PHP Blog Spot platform. On this platform, we have put only important blog that will be getting from very high ranking blog site. Lots of developers got help from these blogs.

I have found out these blogs when R and D on my difficulties, in R and D timing I will find out lots of important blogs that help me in difficulties and find some features technology blogs that will help in future.

I have always saved my R and D topics in MS word files, email and notepad pages. Believe me, I always forget that place where save this file and always forget what was my last R and D topic. Then I’m deciding to develop a platform where we have found out all important blogs and feature technology blogs. That will help me and my developer friends.

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