Address Validation with Capture+ from Postcode

This address auto-fill extension speeds up address entry by and ensures every address is accurate at the source. Take advantage of all the benefits of address look up technology today:

Capture+ Features

Completes addresses as you type

  • Fully validated address suggestions are returned as you type. Results narrow as users continue pressing keys.
  • Finds addresses anywhere in the world

  • Captures customer address details no matter where they’re from, for a truly localized experience that covers the globe.
  • Search for addresses anywhere in the world

  • Capture your customers address no matter where they’re from.
  • Returns addresses based on location

  • Built-in geo-location looks at a user’s current whereabouts and returns full address details of properties in the immediate area.
  • A service that “just works”, with support if you need it

  • 100% service uptime for the last five years. The support team is always on hand to help. Daily updates.
  • Installs in minutes with zero hassle

  • Get started now and see the benefits immediately. Enable the extension and manage your Postcode Anywhere account, all within the Magento admin panel.
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