Address Validation

The Address Verification Extension developed by QuartSoft it helps store owners verify billing and shipping addresses specified by customers during the checkout process.

Addresses are verified by the USPS API and formatted according to the USPS standards:

Having your customer’s billing address verified is a great way to minimize the payment gateway transaction cost as some payment gateways charge a fee for each transaction/billing attempt.

Having your customer’s shipping address verified is a great way to secure and speed up the delivery procedure.

How it works

The extension verifies USA billing / shipping addresses in the following cases:

  • Frontend: in the course of the checkout procedure (Billing and Shipping addresses);
  • Frontend: when the customer modifies his/her address in the customer’s dashboard section (My addresses);
  • Backend: while managing customer’s addresses by an admin (Manage Customers addresses);
  • Backend: during the order creating procedure (Billing and Shipping addresses);
  • Backend: during the order edit procedure (Billing and Shipping addresses);

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