Free Magento SEO Extension – CreareSEO

Automatically-Enabled Features

Upon installation the following features are activated automatically:

HTML Sitemap Page
We’ve enhanced and integrated our current HTML Sitemap extension into CreareSEO.

Meta Keywords (and empty description) Tag Disabling
The redundant meta keywords tag and its default values are removed from the as well as empty meta description tags, which are no use to anyone!

Noindex category filters
Robots noindex is set on category pages with query-strings in the URL – something that gets added by layered navigation filters.

Category H1 Heading
First seen on GitHub, we’ve added an extra attribute to use as your H1 on category pages, meaning you can call it what you like without affecting your navigation menu.

Disabled Product Redirecting
We’ve added the ability to redirect disabled products to categories and other products, meaning you’ll no longer have redundant links existing in search engines and the like.

Breadcrumb Structured Data
Breadcrumb links are wrapped in Google’s own rich snippet schema for improved structured data.

XML Sitemap Fix
We’ve removed the /home link and replaced it with your Base URL meaning you no longer have two versions of your homepage considered ‘home’.

SEO Options Checker
We’ve added a page in the admin which checks your default Magento config settings, to ensure certain things have been done for SEO best practice.

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