.htaccess Generator

Hi Friends today I have to tell you how generate .htaccess file easily. One day I have stuck with the url redirect problem. Then I have to go with R and D. In R and D time I have found one very interesting site name is www.htaccessredirect.net, from this site, we are easily generated. htaccess file.


  • Rewrite to www
  • 301 Redirect File or Directory
  • Caching Javascript, CSS, and Images
  • Password protect file (requires .htpasswd file)
  • htpasswd generator
  • Prevent Hotlinking
  • Custom Error Pages (400, 404, 500, etc)
  • Block or Allow an IP
  • Block bots
  • Change default directory page
  • Prevent viewing from.htaccess file
  • Prevent Directory Listing

We can visit the www.htaccessredirect.net site for generating .htaccess file Click Here

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