LionScripts: IP Blocker Lite

LionScripts’ IP Blocker for WordPress allows you to stop the Spam Visitors and malicious IP Addresses. You can block IP addresses by using the manual method or the Bulk IPs Upload method.

Plugin Features

  • Block Unlimited IP Addresses from viewing your site
  • Block IP Adresses by Uploading CSV files (Bulk IPs Upload)
  • Display predefined message or a blank page to the blocked user
  • Displays an error on adding already entered IP Address
  • Displays current User’s IP, to avoid banning own IP Addresses
  • Download CSV List of blocked IP Addresses either in IP Blocker Pro format or in the Normal Format
  • Works Without any conflict on your existing plugins and themes
  • Free 24X7 Support
  • Automatic IP Blocking on Suspicious Activity, Bulk IPs Upload with more parameters, Wildcard Support, Country Blocker, Exclude any IP, Time Specific Block, Personal Network Viewer, And a number of Features (Only in Pro Versions)

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