Newsletter Subscription with Free Gift Coupon (Popup)


  • Ready for mobile and tablet
  • 3 different responsive themes
  • Additional popup fields
  • Social links
  • Popup delay time
  • Compatible with mailChimp service
  • Compatibility with 1.4.x – 1.5.x -1.6.x – 1.7.x – 1.8.x – 1.9.x
  • FREE support

DEMO | Extension home page | User guide

Newsletters are important part of marketing. This method is tested and widely used. It will help you to get more orders and newsletter subscribers.

How does it work? This extension shows an one time per customer popup window with newsletter subscription form and suggestions to subscribe and get a free gift coupon for it (e.g. 5 euro.). If customer has a small discount with a coupon there is a better chance he might want to buy more.

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