PayPal Pay Now, Buy Now, Donation and Cart Buttons Shortcode

This plugin adds “paypal_button” shortcode to display pay now, buy now, donation and add to cart PayPal buttons with facility to customize their PayPal checkout page. Handy features of the plugins are

  • Four types of button Pay Now, Buy Now, Add to Cart, Donation
  • Customizable quantity field which is available as text box and drop down box with possible selected values or range of values for all types of buttons
  • Customizable PayPal Payment Button
  • Customizable PayPal Checkout page, change header logo and page color etc
  • Output can be a PayPal form with Default or Customizable PayPal button or a URL to PayPal payment/cart page that can be used on linked texts
  • All type of PayPal button options i.e. large, small, with and without Credit Card Logos
  • Set Thank you page after successful payment to return the user back to your website
  • Set Handling and Shipping charges
  • Allow buyer to add a note to order
  • Select language of your button. Supports 17 widely used languages
  • Both Admin generated amount (based on quantity) and user filled amount payments

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