Simple, Fast & Secure frontend management of posts – Add, Edit, Delete posts from frontend

WordPress Frontier Post Plugin enables simple full featured management of standard posts from fronted for all user roles.


Main Features

  • Create posts with media directly from frontend
  • Users can delete their own posts (Optional)
  • Users can edit their own posts (Optional)
  • Post can be edited in frontend directly – Using standard edit link (Optional)
  • My Posts Widget
  • My Approvals Widget
  • Capabilities are aligned with WordPress standard
  • Excerpts editable (Optional)
  • Edit Categories (dropdown or multiselect)
  • Default category per role
  • Tags (Optional)
  • Supports WordPress Post Status Transitions
  • 4 editor options for frontend editing (Full, Simple-Visual, Simple-Html or Text-Only)
  • Editor enhancements: Smiley (emoticons), Table control and Search & Replace
  • From WP 3.9 it requires a separate plugin: Frontier Buttons
  • Disable Admin bar per role (Optional)
  • User defined templates for forms
  • Users must be logged in to post

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