USPS Address Verification

The USPS Address Verification extension verifies visitor billing and shipping addresses seamlessly in the background during the checkout process.

This extension works by calling the USPS Web Tools Address Information API, and passes in the visitor’s street address input. The API then passes back the corrected/verified street address information, with (if applicable) corrected street address, city, state, and zip code (with +4 code). This information is dynamically updated in the background, so the user does not even have to select/choose which address to use — it always uses the standardized address. It will also process pre-saved addresses during customer checkout. This module is non-evasive, and does not change any template or layout files in Magento.


  • Allow customers to bypass address verification after USPS returns an “Incorrect Address” response.
  • My Account Address Book entries are also verified by USPS at creation time and at checkout.
  • Admin option to let customers bypass verification or not.
  • Addresses are verified for orders manually created from admin.
  • Addresses are verified when customers create address book entries.

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